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why should you elect

lee ann walker for greene county

public administrator?

Experience. Caring. Knowledge.

“It is an honor to endorse Lee Ann Walker for the role of Greene County Public Administrator. Throughout her career as an attorney, Lee Ann has demonstrated her ability and willingness to serve those who are often underserved. This bodes well for acting as public administrator; a qualified steward for those in need.

Lee Ann is exceptionally familiar with family law and understands nuances of the court system. I have tremendous confidence that she is the best person for this important position.”

Dr. Tom Prater

“It is a genuine pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Lee Ann Walker to become the next Public Administrator of Greene County. She is a fine attorney, and a caring person, well experienced in matters of Probate, Family and Administrative Law. Her organizational skills are only surpassed by her desire to serve others. Anyone familiar with the job knows the complexities of caring for a person who is incompetent to care for themselves yet surrounded by a crowd of well-meaning and sometimes not-so-well meaning people and institutions. The ability to discern the best path in such situations is a gift. Lee Ann Walker possesses this gift. For these reasons, she has my vote and my support.”

James E. Bright, M.D., Psychiatrist

“I have been acquainted with Lee Ann Walker, through her family, for a number of years. She is an accomplished business person, with a sincere desire to assist others. Ms. Walker possesses an understanding of the law and a skill set to excel. I believe she could positively represent those in the community that are unable to care for themselves.”

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott

“It is an honor for me to recommend Lee Ann Walker for the office of Public Administrator. I have known Lee Ann & her family since her youth and it is a family of community commitment to the maximum!

Lee Ann has carried these qualities forward along with the legal skills and empathy necessary to care for people in need. She has practiced in various legal venues culminating with her own practice dealing with family law.

She exhibits all of the qualities everyone desires to see in anyone entering government service.”

Ross Auburn, Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus of SMC Packaging Group

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